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The RFM9459
10kW PowerTablet? 3-phase AC to 48V converter

A simple solution to high-power delivery


Eliminates phase and load balancing issues compared to single phase


Reduces distribution losses by 16X and allows battery backup at SELV


Modular power component used with 48V Power-on-Package solution to provide a high-density and high-efficiency power architecture

Server rack power is challenged

As demand for processing power has grown – driven by data-intensive applications, such as AI, cloud computing, machine learning and big data – so too has power consumption and heat generation in data centers. Because all of the power used by data center computers is derived from AC utility lines and processed by system power supplies, the density and efficiency of the power system, including the front end that transforms the AC line voltage into the DC voltages required for powering electronic circuitry, is of paramount importance. Increased power system efficiency and density translate into reduced losses, reduced cooling requirements, improved space utilization and greater economy. The new Vicor RFM was designed specifically to address these issues.

Vicor range of power obsrved in data centers

RFM enables higher power within a server rack

The RFM is a 3-phase, AC-DC converter module, capable of delivering 10kW of regulated 48VDC in a power tablet configuration measuring 9.4 x 5.9 x 0.6in (24 x 15 x 1.5cm). The RFM provides a power-factor-corrected, regulated, and isolated DC output with integrated filtering and built-in fault protection for redundant operation. The RFM can be configured to accept worldwide 3-phase AC mains from 200 to 480VAC.

The low-profile power tablet design of the RFM enables unprecedented power density and thermal management flexibility. For example, four RFMs in parallel, including input-disconnect circuitry, rectification and hold-up energy storage at 48V, can supply 40kW of power within 1U of rack space. The RFM power tablet package provides adept thermal management for advanced cooling, including liquid cooling, of high-power server racks for demanding HPC and AI inference and learning applications.

48V (including 54VDC) distribution is the emerging standard in high-power racks utilizing smaller-gauge wiring and achieving substantially lower distribution losses, than legacy 12VDC distribution. In combination with Vicor 48V Power-on-Package (“PoP”), the RFM enables dense and efficient end-to-end power system solutions, from 3-phase AC to sub-1V AI processors at the point-of-load.

Power tablet form-factor enables higher density rack AC configurations

Four RFMs operated in parallel – including optimal hold-up capacitance, rectification and fuse/safety circuitry – can deliver 40kW of power in a traditional 1U of rack space. Alternatively, the RFM can be distributed throughout the rack volume allowing for a new degree of freedom in mechanical and thermal solutions. The RFM is also easily integrated into immersion cooling systems.

Vicor PowerTablet form factor high density rack configurations

Modular power architecture for AI data centers

The RFM, Power-on-Package and Direct-to-PoL solutions are all part of an ecosystem of regulating converters suitable for powering a wide variety of loads and auxiliary power rails directly from a 48V bus.

Vicor 48V ecosystem

Power tablet package enables advanced cooling

The RFM has an ideal mechanical interface for extracting heat with a tablet form factor providing a high surface area to volume ratio. Conventional AC supplies are typically designed only for air-cooled systems, having an irregular surface profile and non-uniform heat distribution. The RFM is designed to easily integrate within advanced cooling systems including liquid cooling (cold plate mounting) and liquid immersion.

Vicor PowerTablet advanced cooling

Inherently fault-tolerant array for high-power

The RFM contains an independently operating cell for each phase, so if a single cell fails the other cells can continue to process power. This allows an array of RFMs to realize N+1 redundancy with effectively 3.33kW per cell.

Vicor RFM fault tolerant array

Configurable input allows systems to operate from any 3-phase input worldwide

By wiring the RFM as delta or wye, and with the appropriate fuse and rectifier selection, the RFM can be interfaced to a world-wide range of 3-phase AC infrastructures from 200VAC to 480VAC (Line to Line)

Vicor RFM delta connection

Delta connection VIN = 208VAC (Line to Line)

Vicor RFM wye connection

Wye connection VIN = 380, 400, 415, 480VAC (Line to Line)


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